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Yo, what’s up guys welcome to the blog. So I’m currently writing my goals for the day the tasks I want to achieve for the day I’ve realized that if I don’t do this, and the days I haven’t written this, my productivity goes down. So this is really happening. So I’ll share today’s goals with you guys. So the goal is to just complete each task list.

One by one and try to minimize any procrastination between each goal and basically have a solid productive day

breakfast check whatever guys what’s up its various peanut butter flax and chia seeds. And

one thing that I really want to change about myself and that is my habit of checking my phone every 10 minutes. It’s literally the main cause of all the procrastination that happens between my tasks that I am working on. And I’m trying to keep my phone away from me as much as I can. But the thing is, my work is on my phone. And you know, I am very responsive at the phone if it’s ever a client, or if it’s you know, to blind anyone on Instagram or anything like that, but I need to set a time schedule for these things.

So and you’re like keep time for blind time for the blind comments and you do keep time away from my phone because it really really slows me down. So if this is something that you

went through in the past or go to let me know in the comment section down below how you were able to get over this phone procrastination habit, I would love to get some tips today.

So I’m all desktop right now. I’m supposed to be going for a meeting in some time regarding my online coaching business and Yep, that’s what I’m going to be wearing. I pretty much live in gym clothes all the time. Guys talks about being self employed, right? I started my online coaching business in July and honestly, it’s been the best decision I ever took in my life. I feel so grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to train so many people from all over the world and basically make fitness a lot more enjoyable and sustainable part of their life. Show them how good health can impact every area of their life and

judicial and what their bodies are capable of. So that’s been a blessing and this meeting that I’m going for right now I can’t share all the details with you all but and basically stepping my online coaching game up one notch

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some grabbing a quick meal before I head out. This might just be my pre workout meal as well keeping it very simple doll lentils, veggies give me a very light because I want to enjoy this vegan burger neither I’m having a craving for so I’m adjusting my calories in the day so that I can enjoy more calories at night. basic basic nutrition tape use it if you plan to go out you want us to stick with your nutrition goals. just adjust your calories earlier in the day so you don’t mess up

Good evening.

Done with that meeting now off to go get a crazy back and biceps session. So that’s my knowledge and I never want to have to feel

There’s good so the movement I just did was the snatch grip deadlift, so it’s different from a regular deadlift because my hand if you saw my hand placement was much wider is going to make your exercise so much tougher and target your back a lot more try let me know if you like it smash that workout but I am starving guys real quick what

Doing post workout today to optimize recovery. Alright, so first things first I’m gonna have half a piece of this vegan brownie. So I’m adding this because post your workout you are gonna optimize recovery if you spike insulin levels so this is a fast digesting carbohydrates, a simple sugar based carbohydrate.

So it’s very beneficial to have immediately post workout. Now this isn’t the best choice I would have something like a banana or something that was really creating this brownie and more better than have a post workout and I’m also going to have a blue red is right now by hand micronutrients, antioxidants great post workout.

Once this is done, I’m going to move on to the proteins so I’m using lean as a ball plant based protein powders got 25 grams of protein per scoop immediately I’m going to have this after I finished my carbohydrate portion of the post workout shake and I’m also gonna throw in five grams of creating more hydrate in this to basically restore

ATP levels you guys could get this protein on alibaba.in and save 5% on your total order if you use the code Rowan five already REMAX mean I was super super hungry so what I’ve got here I have some

tofu vegetables I’ve used Holly and Chipotle, a sauce and a bunch of things to make this super interesting and not blank.

Alright so let’s get into it. What are some of the things I wish I knew when I started my fitness journey when I began my fitness journey like

Most male teenagers, I wanted to have an awesome physique. I wanted to be ripped. I wanted to be muscular. And obviously I wanted to be very active and fit. But the looks, we’re a big priority to me. Now, one of the biggest mistakes I made when I started my fitness journey was trying to look to rip too fast. So if you try to look to rip when you’ve not actually built any muscle mass, you’re going to look skinny and the beginning phase the starting phase of your lifting journey in the gym is actually the most crucial journey when you put on the most amount of muscle so you’re trying to eat last and look to shredded is counterproductive to you and the local you desire. So the first thing I would say is if you’re just starting out in your fitness journey, don’t be afraid to eat more food, eat healthy food, of course, but eat more food, put on a little strength a little bit of size, build your foundation and then worry about going on.

A second thing I would like to talk about. is being afraid of carbohydrates. Now, this doesn’t just apply to people who are just starting out their fitness journey. In fact, a lot of people who have been who have some experience in the gym or who have been on this fitness lifestyle for a while, are afraid of carbs and you don’t need to be afraid of carbs and your enemy carbs, our main source of energy. Yes, too much carbs equals too many calories.

So that is not required, but carbs on its own is not your enemy. So don’t be afraid of carbs. carbs are literally your best friend in the gym. When it comes to performance, making you feel better than the gym and giving you the energy you need to really maximize your workouts which will help you get a better physique in the long run. Also, carbohydrates have a protein sparing effect, which basically means that it helps protein do its job better. So if you’re done with your workout and just suddenly start having protein powder or any other protein source without actually giving it carbohydrates, you’re missing out and put

recovery. So carbs are awesome. Just be wise about how much how many carbohydrates you eat, but don’t be afraid. Another thing that I was over concerned about was supplements. So the way the supplement industry markets itself is like you need supplements in order to build a great physique and that is just not true. So one of the mistakes I made while when I when I began my fitness journey was doing too much research research on what’s the best supplement and what’s the best next best supplement by when in reality you need to focus on what is the best way I can feed my body what is the right kind of nutrition what is the right way to train so if there’s a pyramid I would say focus on your training and nutrition first, then your sleep your recovery your habits and then supplements so supplements definitely do help supplement your lifestyle and make your lifestyle they make fitness and easier part of a lifestyle like let’s say a protein powder is very convenient post workout so nothing wrong with it. But this

nothing magical about it. You need to make sure you’re focusing on nutrition, whole food sources, proper training, recovery, rest, and all that stuff before you even think about worrying about what’s the best supplement. But another thing I would recommend, if you’re just starting out a fitness journey is to either invest in a good coach, there are plenty of good coaches out there. So either invest in a good coach who has a good understanding of macro nutrient requirements, calories and proper effective training. And let’s say hiring a coach is something that doesn’t work out for you because you probably can’t afford it or you don’t have the time for it.

Do your own research. If you’re watching this video, you have access to the internet, you probably have a phone or a laptop. So take some time off in the week in a month. Whenever you’re free and do some research it’s gonna take you a long way. You don’t have to be a fitness freak to know the basic principles of nutrition. Regardless if you’re a banker, if you’re a lawyer. If you work in a call center, whatever your respective field is, you need to know how to take care of your health.

Health is wealth, respect your temple. And it’s going to take you a really long way. How you feel your body day in and day out how much movement and exercise you perform in the entire week. How effective is the exercise you’re doing? All these things play a very, very big role in your overall health, your immunity, your performance, everything. And if you ever feel like there’s something you’re not sure about something you’re confused about related to nutrition or training. I do a fitness q&a every Monday on my Instagram and I answered 99% of the questions I get.

So feel free to send me a question. I would love to share my views on on this and basically clear your doubt and make fitness a lot more easy for you to understand and to really enjoy. So since I’m talking about effective workouts, something that I wish I knew when I started training was to not go to the gym and just go and train chest or just go and train back or just go in

Train your bicep that is an effective way to train. For most of us. Let’s say you have just three days to go to the gym in the week you want to do something like an upper lower full body workout or push pull legs or something like that. You want to basically train multiple muscle groups at once and hit your muscles more often. That is what’s going to help you build the physique you want in combination with proper nutrition.

If you’re just going to the gym and training one muscle you’re either probably overtraining that muscle or you’re not making the most of your time recovery and the potential gains you can make. That’s why I’m stressing so much and telling you guys to get the right kind of guidance whether it’s with someone else or whether it’s through your own research. It’s so important because you can waste so many months and years of you know, and money and resources on ineffective ways to eat and train which is not serving the purpose of your fitness goals.

Some of us just want to be fit don’t really want to put on muscle mass and things like that, which is fine. You can just eat really healthy in moderation, exercise, and you will be fit. But for those of you who have these crazy physique goals, who want to put on muscle mass and want to be lean and ripped, and you know, we’re want to look really aesthetic for you guys. proper training, proper nutrition is super crucial. Otherwise, it is going to be wasting a lot of your time, money, resources, energy and effort. And I don’t want y’all to do that because I did that when I began my lifting. I didn’t have the right guidance, I didn’t have

an effective training or nutrition protocol. Another thing you want to avoid is going on these over restrictive diets because it’s only going to lead you to binge and cheat as soon as possible. And it’s not what fitness is about. Fitness should be about enriching your life and becoming a part of your lifestyle, not something that’s taking over your lifestyle. It shouldn’t be something that you despise, it should be something that you look forward to. It should be something we cherish it should be something that impacts your life positively in every possible way.

So No bro dieting no pro splits. What I mean by bro dieting and bros let’s means non science based non science back information regarding training and nutrition that is really, really not helping you take advantage of the benefits of this lifestyle. Another thing I want to mention is making sure you don’t compare yourself to others. So a lot of us enter this lifestyle and see people who have been doing it for a while with amazing physiques and you can feel demotivated and intimidated at times, don’t fall under that crap.

Whoever you see was an amazing physique, respectable physique and who’s done, it naturally has taken time to build our physique. This stuff takes time. And that’s something you need to understand anything great, anything that’s worth achieving takes time, right? So anyone you see with an awesome physique has been training for a minimum of five to 10 years. So it’s very important for you to not be motivated by that and to not compare yourself to others. Understand your body understand that this is going to take time.

Love the process if you were able to build an amazing physique in just one year you would not respect your physique and if you would not

you would take it for granted and you would not understand life the hard work the patience to consistency the hustle the grind all these things that you learned from this lifestyle literally apply to every other aspect of your life so Don’t be in a hurry don’t confess that to others be patient stay consistent with the nutrition your training your sleep be happy and you’re going to be an awesome to see was babe say what’s up to the blog. Hey everyone, this is ruin. And throughout this week I’m going to be covering how to start a digital marketing agency from scratch and build it up to $25,000 per month, which is my current agency. Right now I have a small office in Connecticut and I’m really going to explain to you some of the things that I really had to consider. And then anybody should consider throughout this whole week going through this and actually going through starting out the agency.

Now before I actually get into the video. Throughout the whole week, I’ll be giving away consultation calls. So if there’s a topic that you want me to cover in terms of digital marketing, please comment down below with the topic that you want me to cover for a chance to win a 30 minute consultation call. If you have a digital marketing agency, I can certainly help you out by getting on the phone with you.

Now let’s go ahead and begin by just starting out and asking and saying actually what actually is a digital marketing agency. I think everybody on my channel is pretty familiar with what it is. But basically what you’re doing is you’re taking clients in you’re providing a service to that client and then you’re letting that client see results through time with the expectation of paying each and every month or paying for a one time service etc as like

That and it’s really important to understand that agency has a ton of different services that you can provide. So I think that’s the number one important thing is to start off with an agency is to really understand the product or the service that you have. But a lot of people don’t really understand this. A lot of people don’t understand that all the digital marketing agency really is is it’s a bridge from customer to freelancer, right? A lot of the times, including my digital agency, although we have four people in house working our agency utilizes freelancers a lot. So really, the difference is the difference between a freelancer and an agency is that the agency finds freelancers for the client, so it’s just a bridge.

A lot of the times the digital agencies aren’t actually doing the work inside the house, they’re basically just finding the customer finding the freelancers and bridging the gap. And once they do that, they get paid a percentage or a dividend or monthly retainer, whatever it may be in the middle of that transaction. So once you really start to understand that that’s your overall goal with a digital marketing agency is it really starts to shape your mindset and in this video, your mindsets really going to be shaped that’s

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So how you should act, how you should perform what daily activities or tasks should you complete day by day, if you own a digital marketing agency, I get that question a lot. And sometimes I’m gonna be real, I’m gonna, I don’t even fucking know, right? A lot of the times I come in, and there’s just a whole new thing to explore.

I come into work every single day and we’re running 25 clients per month, whatever it may be, I come into work and there’s just like completely different things that I’ve never done before my life just coming up every single day.

So in this video, I’m going to give you my past years experience as to what I’ve been doing day by day to kind of grow my agency to make sure that I keep my clients retained and to make sure that I keep my reputation up because one thing that you’ve really got to make sure you look out for with digital agency is if you’re younger, if you’re like myself, 24 years old, then you’ll know that you know, you’ve may have never owned a business before and this may be your first business that you’re running.

But we were you’ve got to remember that even though this is a digital business, you’ve still got to remember that you can’t just keep aside all of the other things that make a business great, such as customer service, such as customer loyalty, such as communication, such as

Training employees etc. We tend to forget that although this stuff is really digital, and it’s really easy to make money with, we tend to forget this is at is an actual business. So you’ve got to treat it that way before you ever start your agency. You know, keep the mindset as if you’re investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to open a franchise because if this stuff on the internet wasn’t around, opening up a business is extremely expensive, and it’s very cost for the is very risky. And you should take the same practical approach when starting your digital agency, but don’t make that hinder you from actually growing into your success. So in this video, I’m going to cover with you what I’ve been doing day to day in the past year or so, while being in the agency. And I think it’s really important that people see this just because a lot of people may think that, you know, daily tasks and activities are what it’s probably completely not. And it’s not a lot about, you know, prospecting for me, to be very honest with you. Like my first year I wasn’t going after customers because I knew for sure that in the year of 2018, I would fuck up everything.

would just completely Fuck off. I would shit on people, you know, I get bad reviews, whatever it may be, I wanted to flush all this bad shit out on the first year. So the second year when I come across, you know, growing my agency and stuff like that, when I actually have a digital marketing strategy in place to actually start growing and revenue, I can have a system in place that takes a customer from point A to point B and ruin is completely out of the scene. He’s home playing Fallout 76, he’s not at the office. He’s not fucking around. He’s not touching clients. And that’s the goal.

And I think in the first year of business when you’re doing this is to not get discouraged. I know that there’s programs out there that really they, they, you know, they,

they swear that you’re going to get this high number of sales, they swear that you’re going to get a lot of revenue coming in all of this other stuff. And although that’s like really doable, and it’s really scalable. And I think a lot of people have done that, you know, in my first year, I’m at $25,000 per month, which isn’t bad. It’s about 300 k per year plus, but with that being said, I envisioned myself when I started doing this to make like 70 grand a

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month my first year because all the programs online we’re saying that but really your first year you should be looking to just completely Eat shit. Learn everything that you can about digital marketing and learn how to get results, learn a system, document everything. So in the next year when you have all that all that stuff set up when you have your payroll setup when you have your advertising budget setup, when you haven’t, you know, employee setup and you stop clients. We have all of this stuff on the second year, that’s when you hit the pavement running you know, your first year of business really look at it as a learning experience. Because the person that you are on the second year of business is going to be completely different than the first year and you’re going to wish that you waited to get a ton of customers for the second year. Look, I cannot fucking tell you how many times I say no a day to certain business opportunities. And it’s a shame because there’s a lot of revenue being left on the table. But at the end of the day, I don’t feel comfortable taking on 100 clients. I don’t feel comfortable making 100 grand a month and it’s the only reason being is because I don’t have that system in place where I can just come back

be out of the office and let the business run. Unfortunately, that’s just how the way works. I don’t really care. I’m growing into that. But I really wanted to make sure that you really understand that the first year of business, you really got to be getting some customers. Not too many, though, because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Because with this stuff, it does take a lot of project management actually get done. So you really got to figure out in your first year, what are you going to do day to day to make sure that you’re delivering an exceptional service so in this video I’m going to cover you know exactly what I did kind of like my first year and I’m going to show you right here throughout the whiteboard. So my first year right, I was basically just doing basic things, right.

I’ll show you some of the things that I was doing that I liked and some of the things that I was doing that I disliked and I’m just going to create a little pros and cons list here. So you can really start to see exactly what I’m talking about here. And you can start to really try to see what’s important for you to do in your first month. And what’s not important because I wish somebody showed me this as well. Right. I was tricked unfortunately.

into a lot of the programs online. One of the programs that I was not tricked by that really helped me in my first year was Joe Soto’s LCA Academy. He did a great job with that and teaching you sales and stuff like that my first year, one of the pros is I focus on service. Now a lot of people will say, Well, hey, you should be focusing on getting customers, you should be focusing on all this and that you should be focusing on really trying to scale your business.

And although that’s real, although that’s true, I firmly believe that if you’re just the best at what you do, if you’re just the best at getting results, your clients will actually refer you to other customers and your name will start to build a reputation within the industry. A lot of people what they’ll do is they’ll focus so much on sales, but they completely forget that they have kinds of service once they don’t service the client and once they keep in bad communication with the client then they start to see bad reviews online then they start to see clients firing them and when you start getting clients that fire you what starts to happen is your revenue just completely drops because your revenue is based off how many clients you can retain per month. Alright, so one of the main things that I did was as I focused

On service. Now, in the beginning of year of 2018, I had a really bad problem with service because I was focusing too much on paid ads. And I think you guys have heard me talked about this before, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just I found my core competency to be SEO core competency, meaning, what exactly does your agency niche in and for me, it was SEO, I really learned the skill of actually getting a website to rank on top of Google. And I found that that skill generally lasts much longer that skill generally last better results and clients seem to be more satisfied when you’re running an SEO campaign. alongside with Facebook ads, it really just depends how you’re doing it.

Once I’ve really found my core competency once I found out the exact product exact service that I wanted to sell every single month. Well, then when I started to do when I focused on services, I really got niche down and when I was pitching down, I was looking at a few different industries and I know that there’s a lot of companies that you can market out there but I really started to look into Injury Lawyers I really started to look into Home Services I really started to look into medical just because when somebody

Makes a Google search or when somebody looks season out of this online, not only does that doctor or dentist or injury attorney have the money to pay for the service, but they’re also getting a higher return on investment when they’re getting for the service. So I also looked at realtors and stuff like that. And I stopped working with restaurants, I stopped working with all of this other stuff. So I stopped working with niche niches with low return on investment.

Because if you’re working with niches that have low return on investment, what you’re going to see is that you’re gonna have to get somebody a client 1000 new customers in order for you to just get them a return on investment. For example, a restaurant is that makes an average of $35 per table, meaning every person that eats there, every couple that eats there makes you know, they make $35 well now you’re gonna have to get them 300 something sales just to get you your $1,000 back. So if our retainer is $1,000 per month, let’s say which is very low, and we’re going to talk about pricing and stuff like that in a later video this week, but if your pricing is that $1,000 per month and you get a restaurant

You’re gonna have to get a restaurant 28 clients at 57 cents just to make you your money back, which actually isn’t that bad at all. Now, if your client is paying you 1000 a month, and they make $10,000 off of a client, well, now you’re going to have a much happier clients simply because they’re getting a positive equity of $9,000. So they’re making $9,000 off of your actual search engine optimization service, whatever it may be. So I stopped focusing on niches with low return on investment. One of the definite pros that I did throughout the year is I focused more on networking with higher end people, not just like networking with the chamber events and stuff like that.

And I will say that in my first year, that was definitely something that I did well is I networked a lot and I started networking with not only places like chamber,

you know, not only places like this, where you can actually go to your local town or city and getting to a networking event, but I also started networking with other entrepreneurs, right, and these are people inside of Facebook groups. These are people inside of all of these cool communities online.

And these people are I wanted to make sure that these people were people that I was talking to that were my end user. So let me show you an example. So if an entrepreneur is a web designer, okay, let’s say I knew a web designer. Well, that web designer is selling websites, right? At the end of the day, they’re selling websites. And if I can connect with these with this web designer, and have this web design and refer me to their clients, I get direct access to the client’s website. And then you can sell them search engine optimization service granted that that web designer wasn’t selling that but this is just a case, an example just to show you exactly what I’m talking about.

So I focused in on networking. And one of the cons that I did last year is I bought office space too soon. Okay, so I bought office space way too soon. And the reason why I say that is because when I think when I bought my office space, I was at like, I want to say, like $4,000 a month or something like that. And that was a big problem because my office space was at the time of splitting it with somebody so

Is 550 per month. And that’s kind of a lot when you’re just starting out. So when you’re just starting out, you’re going to have to test, you’re going to have to make failures, you’re going to have to eat shit, you’re going to have to literally not do well for such a long period of time that I highly recommend you save your money. If you save your money, because you’re gonna have to buy software, you’re gonna have to run ads. If you’re a person that’s using Google PPC, if you’re a person that’s may want to specialize.

If your core competency may want to be in let’s say, web design. Well, you’re going to have to, you’re gonna have to ditch out money for graphics, you’re gonna have to ditch out money for development. And a lot of the times throughout your first year you’re going to fail a lot of this stuff because your second year you your second month you your second day, you even tomorrow after you watch this video and you’re gonna be completely different.

You’re going to see that you’ve made mistakes that you’re not going to do in the future. So you really got to signify your process within the first year. That’s why I recommend not getting overhead mean I went out bought office space, which is really stupid. The office space that I’m sitting in right now right now. I don’t I don’t rent it out with anybody. It’s just completely myself.

space, I think it’s like 1500 square feet, whatever it may be. I don’t know how big it is. But basically, I bought this. And it was real big mistake when I started because I learned and tested so much. When I was starting, I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars on my own Google PPC ads, my own Facebook ads, my own search engine search engine optimization services, sometimes they completely flop sometimes they don’t. But that’s really your goal within the first year is to figure out exactly what you’re going to use and what you’re going to test on. So you can really start refining your offer. So you can really start refining your processes. So let’s get back into it.

So that was another con that I had, and the first year now the third pro that I had in the first year is I hired people, right? I think that a lot of times, digital agencies are like scared to hire people because they don’t want to act like grown adults, and they don’t want to pay for payroll. But at the end of the day, I mean, you can’t just freelance all of this stuff, it’s going to be very hard for you to do that. Now I’m going to talk about this in a future video as to who you should hire, etc. and stuff like that. But you’ve really got to make sure that you’re hiring people.

That have a common goal is you and have a common Morales you, you know, you can’t hire somebody that you don’t get along with. And one thing that you can’t do is you can’t hire entrepreneurs that are already entrepreneurs, because they’re just going to want to work on their own business, they’re not going to give a fuck about yours. So you’ve got to really be careful with that, when you’re hiring.

I recommend that you hire people that are younger than it just getting into this stuff. Or that you hire people that are older who have already made based been through their entrepreneurship or, you know, they may have been a good writer, you know, they’re they’re delegate, you know, they’re good at project management, those are the types of people that you want to hire. You don’t want to hire somebody who’s trying to start their own company. That’s a terrible idea.

Because what they’re going to do is they’re going to come in, they’re going to learn everything that you know, and then they’re going to run off with it, and then they’re going to start their own business and compete with you directly. So that’s the definitely the pro I can make. Now, you can also say that this is a con You can also say that this was a con right here because I could have saved a lot of money while hiring that person. But now I have somebody who’s trained and skilled and knows exactly what I’ve been doing for a whole year. So when I do want to step away from my business when I do actually want to get away from clients.

I actually do want to just run the agency and just kind of like grow my own blog or something like that. I have somebody that has extreme knowledge in terms of hiring in terms of web design, in terms of SEO in terms of my market in terms of the people that I collaborate with.

And that’s kind of that level and you can kind of call it an executive assistant at the time now, it’s turned more into project management and business development. But at the time, it was kind of like an executive assistant because when I was making like, $4,000 a month, I didn’t really know what I was doing, you know, I kind of had clients was coming in, I was getting fired all the time, I wasn’t doing a great job and I was just getting fired. And that person really saw that and that allowed me to make changes into my business. So if there’s one thing that I can tell you about a person that’s hired is that they’ll have a completely different set of eyes on your business that you won’t even notice and it allows you to make better changes because of that right. So that’s definitely could be a con as well. And one of the other cons that I did when I started out my business is I really liked

Okay, this, let me get this right here. When I started my business, I really lacked client communications. Okay, now this right here is probably when I say the easiest way to go out of business, it is the easiest way to go out of business, right? If you’re lacking client communications, that’s the most important part of a digital marketing agency, right? One Agency could perform could get extraordinary results. Another agency could not not perform maybe like 25%, let’s say this agency doesn’t do as well as this agency. Well, what happens is, is the agency that’s in contact communication with the client the most as long as the work is efficient. I mean, it can’t be like terrible work. But as long as the work is comparable, the person’s going to have a better experience with the agency that’s been in communication much longer. The simple lying reason for that is although we’re looking for these digital results, although we’re looking to actually provide results for clients. We also want to make sure that we are

in constant communication with our clients, because then it’s going to give them the reasonable doubt that you’re actually doing what you’re saying you’re doing. So let me know if you’ve enjoyed this video. I’m excited for the next video tomorrow. And today, we really talked about the pros and cons that I’ve really saw inside of my first year in business, you know, my pros, I focused on service, I really became a core competency, which I recommend for everybody to do. And then I really started looking into hiring people, right, the cons, I got office space too low I was working with niches with law investments such as restaurants. If you go on my Facebook profile, you’ll see that I’ve worked with a ton of restaurants and I really lacked client communications which then turned into really bad service for the clients which then turned into damage ratings as well as you know, this client communications and just not really building the relationship well so if you’ve enjoyed this video, let me know the comment down below on a topic or suggestion that you would like me to cover in terms of digital marketing agency and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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